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I am a beginner to this sport - which kite is best for me?
Big Buzz


Initially you want to make a single kite purchase and it only makes sense to purchase a kite that you will use more often than not. Face the fact that some days the kite will be just too powerful to use.

Big kites lift more and travel slower and are often used in lighter winds. Obviously small kites generally lift less. A kite travelling faster usually generates greater lift. Too much lift and you become airborne, not enough lift and you, the buggy or board will not move.

Most kites need only a small amount of wind to fly and it is even possible to fly kites in no wind.

For people with little or no previous kite flying experience, it is a sensible option to choose a small 2-line trainer kite such as the Stacker 6, Buzz/Big Buzz.

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Skike V07-120 Black Adjustable Size (Men or Women)

Skike V07B-120 for Men or Women Designed in Ge...


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